Raindrop Detection and Removal in Real Time

Raindrop Detection and Removal in Real Time

Bad weather condition such as rain can lead to many traffic accidents. The visual effects produced by rains are very complex due to the properties of raindrops that can reflect and refract the environment.

Raindrops adhered to a glass window or camera lens can severely hamper the visibility of a background scene and degrade an image considerably.

How our proposed system works!

A common solution to reduce the visibility of rain is by using filtering techniques. We perform monocular raindrop detection in single images based on a photometric raindrop model. Our method is capable of detecting raindrops precisely, even in front of complex backgrounds. The effectiveness is demonstrated by a significant increase in image registration accuracy which also allows for successful image restoration.


Input Image shows a typical raindrop’s appearance on the windshield.

Detection and Removal Method models the refraction of light rays allows for precisely detecting raindrops

Output Image will after registering consecutive frames, occluded areas can be restored using the intensity from neighboring image frames.