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[bpt_double_headings title_color=”#1b3452″ subtitle_color=”#14c7ff” title=”The Team of Creators” subtitle=”Who We Are”][bpt_spacing height=”18px”][bpt_custom_text text_color=”#57616b” font_size=”18″]Meet the brilliant and hard-working startup Intvo team that is currently developing pedestrian behavior models for autonomous vehicles that help make roads safer for everyone.

We are an artificial intelligence startup established in Ann Arbor, MI, we focus on understanding human behavior using Artificial Intelligence. We are in the business of providing smart vision software that enhances the robustness of the vision for autonomous technologies in all weather and traffic conditions to end-users, automotive and transportation companies,and, governments and smart cities in first the USA, and then expanding Canada, Western Europe, UK, Asia, Australia and other well-developed countries worldwide. Our long-term vision is to solidify people’s confidence and trust in self-driving cars with the help of AI[/bpt_custom_text][bpt_spacing height=”18px”][bpt_spacing height=”22px”][bpt_soc_icons values=””]

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Meet the team that are behind this venture. The team are proactive in bringing to you much needed solution that are visionary.

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We love hearing from readers, visitors and people from our community. We really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch. Please fill in the form.

*please note: We will get back to you shortly, usually within 1-2 business days. Also note that if you send an email on a Friday, we may get back to you only on the following Monday or Tuesday.

If you are contacting us for a business proposal please mention it in your message.[/bpt_custom_text][bpt_spacing height=”32px”][bpt_custom_text text_color=”#57616b” font_size=”16″]

[bpt_icon name=”map-marker” class=”icon_circle icon_shadow” unprefixed_class=””]3520 Green Ct Suite 200, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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[bpt_icon name=”phone” class=”icon_circle icon_shadow” unprefixed_class=””] 313-656-7701