Predicting The Unpredictable
By Accounting For All Possible Scenarios

Intvo AI

The current state of the art in the field of artificial intelligence focuses on detections, tracking, and classifications. Intvo goes further by building multiple behavioral models based on the analysis of the previously collected data via image processing and by using deep learning. The behavioral models contain multiple models and each of those models covers a different aspect as interaction, distractions, awareness, etc.

What Others SeeWhat Intvo Sees

Human-Like Perception

Our pedestrian behavior prediction technology provides enhanced safety through increased situational awareness for drivers and can be deployed in more complex road environments. By reducing frustrating false positives we increase driver acceptance. These are critical factors for advancing automation in fleet vehicles and ADAS/AV applications.

What Others See

2D Object Detection: 2D technique for locating instances of objects in images or video with limited information about the object. 2D object detection doesn’t consider all the needed parameters.

3D Object Detection: 3D extent describes the depth of the bounding box with object size information. 3D object detection doesn’t give all the needed information about pedestrian behavior.

What Intvo Sees

  • Type of Person
  • Head Position
  • Eye Contact
  • Holding Object
  • Foot Position
  • Leg Movements
  • Arm Movements
  • Weather Conditions
  • Risk Level
  • Area of Interest