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Human-Like Perception

We are developing solutions through artificial intelligence to predict pedestrian behavior. Our vision is to improve safety for all road users.
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Improving the safety of an increasingly distracted world

Intvo’s AI software focuses on understanding and predicting pedestrian behavior in the context of autonomous cars and fleet- vehicles. One of the barriers to the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles is the failure of sensor technology to predict human behavior and modify vehicle operation or alert the driver to ensure safety. Autonomous vehicles cannot safely be deployed without software that accurately predicts pedestrian behavior.

Fleet Vehicles 


Going One Step Further

Predicting The Unpredictable By Accounting For All Possible Scenarios

The current state of the art in the field of artificial intelligence focuses on detections, tracking, and classifications. Intvo goes further by building multiple behavioral models based on the analysis of the previously collected data via image processing and by using deep learning. The behavioral models contain multiple models and each of those models covers a different aspect as interaction, distractions, awareness, etc.

Four Stage Algorithm

Image processing

We begin with the perceptions which include detection, classifications, and tracking.

Vision Predictors

We predict their movement behaviors that account for both intended and unintended behaviors.

Behavioral Modeling

We go further by focusing on building the behavioral model which includes intention, distraction, etc.

Risk Assessment

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Sharena Rice

Sharena Rice

Senior Human Factors Scientist
Assam Alzookery

Assam Alzookery

Founder & CEO
Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly

Brian Korzynski

Brian Korzynski

Senior Data Scientist
Akanksha Sunalkar

Akanksha Sunalkar

Computer Vision Engineer
Alain Charlois

Alain Charlois

VP Strategic Partnerships
Tony Bozzini

Tony Bozzini

Head of Business Development
Stuart Castle

Stuart Castle

Software Engineer
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